Self isolating

Day 2 of isolation – laughter in our midst!

My youngest daughter looked at me coming down the hallway stairs and said “I’m having a good day mum! I love you mum!” She then cheerfully continued fixing her doll’s buggy at the foot of the stairs as she told her herself “Mum’s in a good mood, I like when she’s like that!” I had to pause and hold back my bewilderment as I remembered it was only a couple of hours ago that it was her that had a fist fight with her younger brother, her that had screamed and yelled at her dad and her that had had a complete huff! Yet after all this, apparently the day had got better for her, as in her eyes my attitude had changed! LOL! I gave a very amused giggle deciding it was one of those moments where it was better to go along with her assessment of the mornings events rather than correct her. It made me giggle all day though and feel very grateful that despite the rocky start to day 2 of our self isolation, our day had turned around.

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