Is he the one? (Part 1)

As soon as I walked into the room he said he knew – Love at first sight confirmed by a voice he said he heard saying, ‘This is your wife!’

Yep, I know how it sounds.

It was a warm September evening whilst I sat at home in my small rented bedroom that I received his call.

“Casey… er… I was wondering if you’d like to go out one day? Er… maybe we could go and get a drink? Or get something to eat?”

I weighed his words, then gently asked, “Do you mean as friends or something more?”



Well, I’d clearly hit the nail on the head. First he lied and said ‘Just friends!’ and jumped off the phone, then within 5 mins called back confessing “Just friends to start with, but I’d like to see if it developed into anything more.”

I shot him down.

Not happening.

Not my type.

Now before you shoot me down, let me explain. I was in my early twenties and at the start of my teaching career. My Proposer came from a very different life I had lived. He was 9 years older, a former drug addict and from a different culture. He was clean now. He’d become a Christian a couple of years ago and Jesus had transformed his life. In fact, he’d become a key worker in the Charity that helped him get clean.

I liked my Proposer (as a friend) in the few brief conversations we’d had in church. He was one of those ‘really nice guy’ types. He was always smiling, always served other people and helped wherever he could. May I add (before you get too attached to him) that he was a part of the singles ministry in church. This is how he had smoothly managed to get my phone number. I had not given it to him.

Looking for support about my decision to not meet up with my Proposer, I spoke to an older female friend about it. Her response – ‘Why don’t you go out just as friends?’ stopped me in my tracks… I thought I was supposed to be on guard against the opposite sex? Not get distracted? Yet the question lingered and penetrated my heart – ‘Why not get to know him as friends?’

Scared of this new territory, yet not wanting to miss an unexpected opportunity, I hesitantly called and agreed to meet.

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